Founded in 1951, the Elberton Granite Association, Inc. is the largest trade association of granite quarriers and manufacturers in the United States. More than 250,000 granite memorials are manufactured annually by E.G.A. firms and shipped throughout the United States.

E.G.A. Certified Memorials…Your Assurance Of Quality.

An E.G.A. Certified Memorial is guaranteed against any defects in workmanship or materials by the Elberton Granite Association, Inc., of Elberton, Georgia. Carefully checked through each step of production, an independent quality-control inspector verifies that the material and workmanship of every Certified Memorial meets the most demanding standards of quality in the industry.

Standards of Quality

To receive the EGA written guarantee of quality, each certified memorial must meet specific standards related to materials, workmanship and design.

Material –
Fabricated from top-grade granite as determined by established industry standards.
Workmanship –
Performed to meet rigorous inspection of specified dimensions, finishing of all surfaces, and quality of carving and lettering.
Design –
Completed in well-proportioned symmetry.

The Elberton Granite Association Guarantee is available on any memorial manufactured by a Member-Firm. The guarantee offers to correct or replace, free of charge, any certified memorial or a defective part of a certified memorial if the defects are due to material or workmanship of the granite. The EGA Certified Memorial Program has been in place since 1964.